Our Services

High speed broadband internet up to 100 Mbps per home
IP based intercom, VoIP and phone system free unlimited calls between two IP phones anywhere in the world
Entire complex including households are covered completely by a WI-FI network
Business meeting and medical Video Conferencing with full-motion video and integrated audio, all in a rich-multimedia environment
In-building security, lighting system and appliances management control in your complex for power saving

SME Broadband

Bandwidths ideal for small and medium sized enterprises/ offices. We offer speeds from 10 Mbps to 20 Mbps (we also create plans as per customer requirements)

Leased Line Internet Access

- Premium ( Dedicated Bandwidth)
- Bandwidth with Competent Tech support and Service
- we also create plans as per customer requirements

High speed internet is a basic necessity in the modern day. It is one of the important means of access to information required for everyday personal and business function. Speed Online is a High Speed Internet Service Provider which enables a range of cost-effective broadband services ensuring reliability through our fiber optic with strong backup network. Speed Online ensures that you enjoy a high speed and reliable connectivity for all your internet needs. We offer various broadband services with value added features for all our customers under the Speed Online.

· High speed browsing
· Fast downloads
· Fast access to video content
· Multiple choice of plans for every home

Businesses frequently require secure and consistent connectivity to ensure smooth access to resources over the internet. It is important that business transactions happen over a private and secured leased line to ensure that all these transactions are safe and yield highest benefit in terms of security. Shared internet connections may have limitations in terms of giving you the highest business benefits.

· Multiple bandwidth options providing scalable speed
· Secured Leased line access promising privacy of your data
· Carrier-grade connectivity
· High bandwidth through our internet clean-pipe backbone architecture
· Assured traffic routing through partnership with leading gateways/hardware providers

Live Events
Special Category

We provide rapidly deployable and customized bandwidth solutions for Live events a for corporate / organizations and ensure uninterrupted connectivity during course of the event.

Our technical team will be in attendance to provide solid technical support and service at the event. We have successfully implemented this solution to number of corporate clients across Mumbai and have reasonable experience and expertise in this segment.